Plot vs. Story (Timeline of Events)


1st plot= wife talks to husband in somewhat of a despair in regards to her goals and her aim in career path in her life. Husband wants to be of good cheer unto her, but also wants her to think realistically.

story/summary= wife will speak about her husband & his success story, (flashback and present may occur within this summary) but also will speak about their differences and how that affects her. She will also speak on how he wants wife to work in his company, but she wants something of her own. 

Scene #1– husband contracts construction company for a plan to build a school for his wife to oversee. He does this behind her back. This is nothing her wife had in mind. (This scene will occur in the present time)

Summary#2– wife will narrate how one day, husband contacts her to meet him at a site where husband is working on renovations for a client. He tells her to make her way over there with a specific tool he needs. She does just that. (This summary will occur in the present time)

Plot/scene #2– On her way to meet her husband at the direction he told her, she finds her destination at a dead end. She is confused, worried, and is convinced that she is lost at this point. She becomes frustrated after she asks for help and no one is able to help her, neither her own husband. So tries her best to figure things out by the dead end. (This plot/scene will occur in present time)

Story #2/Scene #3- wife discovers that on the other side of the dead end, something is happening. She decides to take a peek and she sees that there is a new school but also sees her husband and she shouts out his name. He comes out to get her and he introduces to her the purpose. She is in total shock at the purpose and to receive the community/children and families that came out in need of a new school and loving leader. (Past scene/story of prior school leader will be mentioned). She saw children who were handicapped also with other physical needs, as well as children that had no disabilities. She couldn’t believe it & began to cry because of all that was taking place. She then realized how much her husband looks really looks out for her. She took the time to appreciate all of the community and gave a speech to what she promises to do as the leader of the school. (This story/scene will occur in the present time)

Flashback- wife begins to look back at her past life and how she couldn’t believe that being the owner of this new & improved school was going to be part of her destiny. She gives a lot of thanks and gratitude to her husband. 

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