Her voice is soft and cloud-like – sweet and warm tones – capable of switching quickly and effortlessly into the range she desires. Her pop singer tone memorizes the walls around her, echoing positive feedback into her ears. If it wasn’t for your terrible stage freight, you would have been sharing my favorite tunes with the world by now, she thought to herself. Disappointed with her weakness of public speaking, she plumped herself onto her bed letting go of the tightness of breath that was stuck within her diaphragm. She sat up looking at her glossy reflection in the body mirror that sat right across from her, staring back at her. You need to push past this fear; fear isn’t even real – you need to push past this illusion girl. All your life, you’ve been hiding behind your job status and position, along with the falsified respect people give you. Her reflection gave her an idea – why don’t you call up a few of your friends and have them be your judge! She immediately jumped off her bed and went through her contact list. Scrolling, she came across a few of her old time friends – Dina, Trevor and Fazya.

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