Three ladies

The Three Ladies

Not a week goes by when another person would come in and observe our beautiful ladies, some would ask where did you get them? Some others would just say, “I never saw them before and I being here so many times”, it is beautiful. Some others would ask for it or try to take claim of it. To which each of the ladies at the front desk with a smile would say the same thing each time “get in line but, know that we are in first”.

As you entered the office at your right hand you would see them every day, each wears a different colored dress with head warp and earrings that match. One wears a beautiful forest green dress, as you looked at it, it inspires you to think of beautiful greens of the fields, her head is covered with a wrap that conceals her hair, her round green earrings frame her beautiful milk chocolate oval face. Her expression is of peace, gentleness and with closed eyes you could almost hear her breath in the depth of her surroundings. Her long-handed fingers hold a tall, white, beige and gray water base. By the lady in green her sister stands in the middle with her burn yellow dress, the burn yellow of sugar cane burning in a faraway field, she also wears a head wrap and earrings, but her earrings are triangular and seemed to point to the exact point where your eyelids meet when you close your eyes. In the cradle of her right hand she holds the most precious of nature’s gifts to a woman, a child, the infant is wrapped in a beige baby blanket, the only part of the infant you can enjoy is his/her angelic face, you cannot see his eyes, by the expression of the woman holding him it seems that he is looking straight at her. Her cooing expression shows the worries of tomorrow, the joys of today and the pain of yesterday. The other woman in the left wears a blood red dress with her headwrap and earrings matching, but her earrings are square, her hair is not completely covered by her wrap for one can see her hair falling in a thick long ponytail, her long neck and  square earrings make her look royal, in her hands she holds a cluster of lilies of the valley, her expression is of peace and tranquility. Each woman holds her precious cargo with expressions that cannot be missed, each have her eyes close as if she did not want to see what is going around them but just enjoy their precious gifts and each other’s company in silence and tranquility.

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  1. I love the approach you took here of describing a sculpture folks might see everyday and not take notice of. You do pay attention to details, but some of your explanations fall back into the trap of abstractions. For example, you write, her expression is of peace– what does that mean? What does that look like? You can show us peace by giving us a visual metaphor– her expression is that of a woman watching her first born marry…etc. When you say angelic face– what does that look like?

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