It was Monday, October 21, 2019. The yellow taxi cab screeched to a holt, and Destinee snatched her two bags for the day, one on each shoulder. She grabbed the taxi handles and pulled it towards her as fast and graceful as she possibly could, looking out the windows to check if the streets were cleared of any persons walking pass. She jumped down onto the grey and concrete, and into the fresh city grey air. The sun was hidden within the clouds and the sea of rushing individuals swayed unevenly as each person created a pathway to their destination. Suits, ties, blues, greys, whites, and browns left and right – like ants, getting their meal for the day. Destinee dodges all the oncoming traffic of humans, gracefully upright making her way to the office for the 9:30 am start. She arrives at the front of the 11 Wall Street building and pause to look up at the tan building almost scrapping along the sky. On the building was a brilliant set of colors – the red, white and blue cloth that saluted her as she walked in. It reassured her that there is a better, stronger future that lies ahead of her tedious hamster wheel job.

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