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Image:      Jay, a 30 year old young man. Loves himself and is self- confident. He is very intelligent,, articulates well and has much                                 potential.  Jay has an athletic figure, plays basketball and is good at it. He has a serious appearance.

Voice:      Jay has a sexy voice; an American accent and Trinidadian flare to it.

Conflict:  Jay wants the best for him and his family, but is going about it the wrong way.  He refuses to take advice from others which is to                  obtain a job to support his family.  Instead, he becomes a struggling DJ and believes that it will work out which is straining the                    marriage at every angle.

Desire:    Jay wants to build a beautiful life for his family by being an entrepreneur and giving his wife the desire to stay at home.

Action:    The marriage becomes extremely dysfunctional forcing Jay to abandon his family.  Jay resides in Europe continuing being an                        unsuccessful DJ. From time to time he sends pocket change for his son.  Jay is thinking of returning to the US for good.

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