Plot and Story line

Plot: Jassi is a Indian girl who wants to finally move out of her parents home. She is successful and well educated and can take care of herself, but her mom only wants her to leave if she is married to another man. The story is going to into how Jassi is going to tell her parents that she’s ready to be on her own whether they like it or not.

  • Scene 1: Jassi getting ready to prepare her parents and siblings breakfast so it will show a sense of what kind of daughter she is and how the relationship is between her mother and Jassi.

  • Scene 2: her life aat work and with her friends and the life she has at home to really show the difference of the way she is living.

  • Scene 3: Conversations with friends and others pushing her to finally tell mom about her moving out

  • Scene 4: Parents have an arranged marriage waiting at for her so when she gets home from work she is in shock.

  • Scene 5: One night Jassi decides to break it down to parents about moving out and not when she’s married…to be continued.

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