She was standing in line at the 7-Eleven, she was picking up the usual on a Friday night.

She could smell the hot dogs being heat up in the machine, she could see them turning and roasting. She enjoyed the smell of these hot dogs. 

Her usual Friday night order. A cheese hot dogs, popcorn and an extra-large Slurpee. It was going to be a long night. 

A woman in a red sweater stood next to her, the woman had a nice round face and for some reason, she just started talking to the woman. 

I went to class and saw some I had not seen in a very long time. It brought back so many memories it was out of the ordinary for me. We met a really long time ago, we were so young and inexperienced we did not know what we wanted out of life and we were trying to just find ourselves. It hit me today when I heard his voice, I have always wonder if he still remembers me. I do not know what has happened in his life but it brought tears and laughter and feeling I thought were not there anymore. When we met we thought we wanted the same things it turned out we did not and now we are in the same place, geographically speaking, and I wonder what will be the next thing, he might be married and have a happy family. The woman in the red sweater looked at me and smile. 

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