Katherine walked in and saw her in the last booth. Jessica was waiting for her.

Jessica looked up, smile and said

Katherine: Hi. 

Jessica: How are you? Was her answered? That was a good way to put things on her.

I’m good she said. Jessica knew something was up with her friend, she always knew. No use of hiding things. Jessica could see her friend was having a hard time.

What’s up?

Katherine looked out the window. There is no use hiding anything she knows me so well, she thought. Out the window, the wind was making the rusted leaves move in the payment. It was a picture Katherine always appreciate it. I love fall she thought.

Jessica smiled and said. It is a beautiful season, the colors are amazing!

Katherine: looked at her friend, tilted her head back and took a deep breath, the kind of you take when you are building the courage to face something hard.

He is my professor. She said

Jessica’s eyes open wide in surprise and said. No, it can be not Michael? It is amazing to have someone you can just say a word and they know what or who you are talking about. 


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