Character Build

Character 1: Josie Porter

Image: Josie is a petite 27 years old female with a sharp face and straight black hair. She wears only designer suits. She’s Russian and has green eyes. She’s very serious at all times and does not know how to relax.

Voice: Josie has a very strong Russian accent but her voice is honeyed (sweet but slightly untrustworthy) and give a feeling of suspicion.

Conflict: Josie wants to live a regular life while working in the city but she can’t seem to get away from her past which is a life full of drugs and crime due to the career of her ex husband who keeps trying to find her.

Desire: She wants to be a new person and have a normal family with a great husband and kids.

Action: Josie was part of the crime life and has experience dealing with the danger of her past. When her husband keeps looking for her she takes it into her own hands to get rid of him. She plays the role of a detective to find out her husbands plans and rejoins her life of crime in order to reach him and to get money to disappear.


Character 2: Mark Reynolds

Image: Mark is 29 years old. He is tall and has a slim athletic build. His hair is dark blond and his eyes are blue. He’s very basic is his outfits. He likes to relax and have a good time and write but he’s also adventurous.

Voice: His voice is modulated (controlled and pleasant) and he speaks a bit fast.

Conflict: Mark wants a life full of adventure and thinks the answer to his prayers is Josie’s interesting life. He wants to be a successful writer but hasn’t gotten a big hit but after meeting Josie and feeling like she hiding something, she becomes the muse for his new story as he attempts to follow her around.

Desire: His desire is to find out what’s so special about Josie and to find out what she’s hiding while trying to write his novel.

Action: He’s nosy and is always trying to find a way to talk to Josie at work. He places a recorder in her office in an attempt to get closer to her. When she starts to like him he uses that as an advantage to go further in her personal life.

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